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Second unofficial clients

  • Sunday, February 28, 2010
  • Toya
  • So yesterday I spent a little time with some of my neighbor/friends' kids. She was wanting some "school like" shots of her kids. Sorry but I 'm just opposed to that kind of shot. I was only able to convince the 6 year old to stay in front of the camera for a few minutes. The 7 year old, however, it destined to be a model. She loved the camera and was quite patient. I gave her the chance to add in her own poses too.

    Can we be done yet?

  • Sunday, February 14, 2010
  • Toya

  • The rest of the pictures are on my flickr page.
    On Friday Brandi and I set up the basement to do a little photo shoot. I planned all day what the kids would wear. I spent the morning searching for cute props and new shirts. After the well behaved children put on exactly what I laid out, it was time to take pictures. Hahahahaha, yeah right. It took about an hour just to get them dressed. I learned I have a ham in the family. Jaden is so full of himself I thought the boy would explode. He wanted every other turn to be his. For the next shoot I am bringing duck tape or that child. He was EVERYWHERE. Jasmine was cooperative. Taylor just wanted it to be over. RJ (Booga) was so busy running I was just tired looking at him. I was able to get a few shots.

    Not Me Monday

  • Monday, February 8, 2010
  • Toya
  • This Not Me Monday is more a YES I DID Weekend. I was completely sick of the yucky white junk that kept falling from the sky. I was also at the end of my rope with 3 kids who were climbing the walls. We all needed a little space from each other and since Mother Nature was not going to cooperate this weekend. I was gonna take care of it myself. There was another snow storm heading our way and I was not shoveling again. Heck, I was still sore from the last storm. Dear sweet husband came home to a tight faced wife who had spent the day separating kids and cleaning up messes. The conversation went a little like this:
    Toya: I'm leaving
    Jeff: Ummm, where are you going?
    Toya: I'm going to Disney
    Jeff: What about the kids?
    Toya: They are going to Granny's. You are welcome to join me if you want to but I'm leaving.
    Jeff: Where are you gonna stay?
    Toya: Don't know. I'm sure I can work it out.
    Jeff: Ummm, I guess I will ahh, go

    I had already called my mother and informed her that I needed a mental health weekend. She agreed to spend quality time with her grand kids. Yep, the woman is a saint. I pretty much had a little over 24 hours to make this happen. Jeff had over 110,000 Hilton's Honor points. Who the heck has that many points saved up? Lucky for me Jeff did. We were able to get 2 FREE nights at the Hilton in Downtown Disney. With in 24 hours we were packed and in the car heading down the road to freedom. We drove all night. I woke up as we were arriving in Disney World. We arrived too early to officially checked in so we spent time hanging out in Downtown Disney. The weather was just beautiful. It was cloudy but near 80 degrees. We walked hand in hand giggling like newlyweds. When the time came to check into the hotel, we were pleasantly surprised to find we had been upgraded to concierge level. When we got to our room we discovered what that meant.
    I had an awesome view of Downtown Disney. In the distance I could see Disney Studios, Epcot, and Animal Kingdom. At night I could see the fireworks. Okay, that was pretty cool. We went to to Universal City Walk to have dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp. Yep, that was good. On our way to dinner I got a call from Jerry. He is the uncle of my "adopted" daughters Kellie and Leslie. Jerry was such a great host while we were in town. He allowed us to be his guests in the parks. Yep, free park tickets! He did not have to be so generous and we appreciated him so much. On Saturday Jeff and I met up with Jerry and had a great time in Epcot. We hopped the monorail and headed on over to Magic Kingdom. As night fell I immediately regretted my decision to not take my tripod. Since the park was not a full as when we usually visit, this would have been the perfect time to take some cool slow shutter speed shots. I had to practice being really, really still. This is what I got.

    We had a great weekend. It was wonderful not having to dress someone else. I didn't have to beg, plead, or look after anyone other than myself. If we wanted to do something, we just did it. Well the carefree life is over now. I am back to the land of reality. Unfortunately my reality included shovels, snow, and more school closings. My mind is already planning my next great escape.
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