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I Heart Faces

  • Monday, January 24, 2011
  • Toya

  • I am not one who enters photo challenges but I could not pass this one up. The challenge is to post a picture showing innocent wonder. Well I had the perfect picture to show that. It is the one of my nephew I took back in the fall. We were playing in the leaves and he was so excited about each leaf that fell. It was so fun watching him experience Fall in his own way. I really heart this face. You should stop by i heart faces and check out some other great innocent wonder shots.


    Shannon1971 said...

    That is an awesome photo! I LOVE the color. I couldn't help but look through your blog. You do wonderful work! I LOVE the one of your Mom! :) AWESOME!

    Michelle said...

    I love the joy in his expression as that leaf hits his forehead. Wonderful.

    Lisa McCully said...

    Love the leaves, fall and little punkins make my day!

    Jeni said...

    Great capture!

    Kim Kravitz said...

    Such a great image! Love all the rich colors!

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