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Girls only party at Beadsburg

  • Sunday, September 9, 2012
  • Toya
  • Jasmine turned 10 on September 1st. This definitely requires a birthday party. Unfortunately her birthday fell on Labor Day weekend so she was unable to have a party until the following weekend. We did a quiet celebration at home with cake and ice cream.

    This past Friday was party time. She invited 3 friends and her sister to a jewelry party at Beadsburg. Can I just tell you how loud that car ride was? Oh my goodness the preteen set have a lot to say and they must say it at the top of their lungs with fits of giggles. We arrived to a store reserved just for them. They sat down to enjoy pizza and soda. When that was all gone they sat "quietly" to listen to instructions. They were so happy to learn they would be making 2 things. The first project would be bookmarks. The second project would be a bracelet. They set off to pick out just the right color combination for the bookmarks. This didn't take long... yeah right!

     The owner of beadsburg, Jen was so patient and kind. She helped all the girls finish quickly and was awesome at keeping them on task. I think she deserved a medal for her abilities.

    The girls worked very hard on their projects.

    Once both projects were finished they polished off the yummy cake pops made by a super friend Sara Perks. The girls couldn't stop eating them.

    After opening gifts it was time to go. If you are looking for a good place to have a party for your little preteen I highly recommend Beadsburg. It was money well spent. They girls loved that place and I did too!


    Libby said...

    Happy Birthday, Jasmine! That bead party looked like so much fun. :-)

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