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Sick baby

  • Thursday, September 20, 2007
  • Toya

  • After only a week in school, the preschool germs have attacked Jaden. He came home Tuesday with 101.7 fever and a small rash on his forehead. By morning the rash extended to his waist. This morning the rash was from head to toe with 102.2 fever. The cause is a virus, beginning of pneumonia, and an ear infection. The result is the rest of the week at home with a mommy who has a full schedule to balance. He has really been a good sport about it. He isn't thrilled to miss school or be quarantined to his room so he doesn't infect the rest of the family before vacation next week.


    sarah said...

    i think i found your blog from an email that you sent me. congrats on the online store what a great idea. your work looks fantastic.

    i would love to keep in touch. i have a flickr site, you can see how big ryan is getting. it is on my blog.

    i hope mr. jaden feels better. your girls are just so lovely. i wish we could see you guys more!!

    miss you much.

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