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New things in my life

  • Friday, January 11, 2008
  • Toya
  • Ok, so I gave in and we now have a new addition to our family. Meet Princess Tinkerbell!
    We got her from the Humane Society. Yep, I'm a sucker! She is as sweet as she looks. She is already better behaved than my human children. Don't even ask about the name. She had so many within the first 3 hours. The name might even change again because I can't bring myself to call her that. I keep calling her poppy. We once tried to have a dog several years ago but it didn't work out. That dog was named poppy. I'm thinking about insisting on calling her that. She looks very similar to the old Poppy. She is a mutt. We know she is part hound. This poor puppy has been a good sport over the last week. My oldest has carried her around like a baby. I keep expecting to see her wearing doll clothes and a bib. Tomorrow a friend is coming by who happens to train search and rescue dogs and help us train Princess. I hope her skills are good enough so I can use them on the children too. :)

    The store has new additions too. You have to surf over and check them out.


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