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The day Jesus went to fourth grade

  • Thursday, December 3, 2009
  • Toya

  • This is baby Jesus. He belongs in my nativity above the fireplace. So imagine my surprise Tuesday morning when I noticed he was missing. All of the kids were on their way to school and I had just finished a quiet breakfast. As I was taking inventory of the many tasks around the house that needed to be completed by 3:40 when the big yellow bus dropped off my precious angels, my eyes rested on an empty spot on the mantel. Hmmmm, where oh where has my Jesus gone? Well it didn't take long to figure out who the culprit was. For those of you who know my oldest child you know of her love for babies (real or ceramic). I did a quick survey of the room knowing I wouldn't find my Jesus. I decided Sarah would be the perfect person to share this little ditty with. She was quick to remind me that Taylor shouldn't have taken Jesus to public school because He wasn't allowed there. After having a chuckle with Sarah, I called the school. I informed Kelly, the secretary, that I needed her help because my Jesus was missing and I believed he was in fourth grade. This was immediately followed by gasping for air while stifling a laugh. I let her know I was aware he wasn't allowed in public school and I needed him found asap. She said she would go search for my Jesus and would send him home with a note. I told her this would not be necessary because I was coming for my Jesus. I got dressed and headed to the school. On the way I wondered if any miracles had happened at school since 9 am because Jesus was in the house. Once arriving at the school Kelly let me know she searched high and low but was unable to locate my Jesus in the culprits backpack. Unfortunately the culprit was in the middle of a class presentation and could not be questioned about it. Due to the fragility, I wanted Him found before something awful happened. School nurse Janet wonders if Taylor was just trying to start her discipleship early. I left the school with reassurance He would be searched for as soon as possible. When 3:40 arrived, my little culprit got off the big yellow bus only to be met by serious mommy. "Taylor, where is baby Jesus?" A smirk comes across her face. She quickly disappears and reappears with Him safely in her tiny little hand. While she never told me where He was for 7 hours, I knew I had to explain something very important. She needed to know that Jesus needs to live in her heart not her pocket.


    swalkerparamedicranger said...

    Awwww.... But really, I'm proud of Taylor for standing up to the system and putting Jesus back in school even if it was just for a day. Bad mommy trying to take Him out! :)

    Toya said...

    I would love for Jesus to be back in public schools but not in ceramic form.

    Brazell said...

    Oh my goodness what a sweet ending this sounds like a story in a book. I just love it sweet little baby Jesus.
    But lets just keep it real HE IS MUCH NEEDED IN THE SCHOOLS. And then Mom listen she didn't have a pocket close to her heart so she just put him in her pocket to keep him close. Or maybe someone didn't believe that Jesus was real and maybe just maybe Taylor wanted to prove that there is a Jesus and that Jesus really does live. MERRY CHRISTMAS

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