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Happy New Year

  • Friday, January 1, 2010
  • Toya
  • We are starting a new decade today. So much happened last year that was good and not so good. When I take inventory of everything all I can say is, we are all still here and my kids are healthy and happy. Okay, enough with the emotions. The game plan for this year involves road trip with Sarah, birthday trip to NYC, Disney with family, girls trip with Melissa, trip to TX, vacation at the beach... This year someone will find a cure for cancer and autism. This year will be a great year. I won't tell you what my resolutions will be cause I know I will break them. Lets just say I made some and I will do my best. Now, put on your happy face and step into the New Year right. Smile at strangers more, recognize it was God who did it and not you, recognize it was your poor choices and not God punishing you, hug more, fuss less, remember tomorrow might not come for you or them so be slower to anger, and don't forget to treat yourself right because you matter too. Have a Happy New Year!


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