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Found good spots

  • Saturday, October 9, 2010
  • Toya

  • I have admired so many photographers blogs. They seem to find these great out door spots for taking pictures. Oh how I wished I had spots like those. I finally realized that I do have those spots in my own neighborhood. My friend, Magda, wanted to get to know her camera a little bit more so we went for a picture walk.On the way we ran into her daughter Klaudia who was only too happy to stop and pose for a few shots. Even her little brother got in on the fun by running to grab his camera.

    When we got to the bottom of the hill Dominik decided he didn't want to be in the shots. Jaden, on the other hand, is always ready to be in front of the camera. I learned that Jaden is interested in cameras. He was snapping away.


    Boo said...

    I just love when I find a new great spot. This one looks really pretty. Fun fun. Looks like your son wants to be a photographer too. =)


    Anonymous said...

    What great memories. Great idea to go on a photo walk.

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