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Fun time had by all

  • Thursday, May 6, 2010
  • Toya
  • So, my visit to DC was great. The kids were happy to skip 2 days of school. On Tuesday hubby dropped us off on the Mall. We toured the Museum of Natural History. The kids were thrilled to explore the rooms featuring animals that they had never seen before. Jasmine was wondering why the museum killed so many animals just to stuff them and put them on display. Wow! I totally didn't have an answer for that. We headed over to the museum the kids had been waiting all day for, Air and Space. This is such a hands on place. They love touching and watching what happens when they pull, push, and turn things. This is the one place no one will tell them NOT to touch. So, after a very expensive lunch at McDonalds, it was time for a potty break. Jaden decided he didn't need to go. While waiting patiently for the girls, Jaden decided he might try to go after all. Jasmine quickly finished up and stood with me. Minutes tick by and neither Jaden nor Taylor have emerged from their stalls. I peek in on them and they are clearly not wanting to be disturbed. The restroom was empty until 2 high school aged girls come in. Now, those of you who have heard of me speak of Jaden's bathroom issues know that they last place I want that boy going is in a public toilet. He can literally peel the wallpaper off with his smells. The girls go in their stalls and close the door. A short time later a loud explosion echoes across the nearly empty bathroom. There is a pause and you hear a voice ask, "wow, was that you"? "Huh? No!" insert sounds of shock and giggles here. I am stuffing the laugh back in as more unnatural noises are coming from Jaden's stall. A little while later a little voice says, "Okay mommy, a lot of poop came out of my butt". I congratulate him on his bodily functions while we wash up and leave before anyone can pin that smell on us.

    Hubby joined us about an hour later and we toured the the National American History Museum. Now this place was cool. All of the First Lady's dresses were on display. I also saw stuff like the first vacuum cleaner and James Brown's cape. My favorite part was explaining all of the Black entertainment history to my children. Pretty soon it was time to head to the book signing.

    We were there around 4:45 and it was getting pretty crowded. By 5:50 they were up to group 8 with 50 people in each group. Oh yeah, I was in group one because I went to the store at 10 am. Woo hoo, it paid off. PW showed up on time after removing paper towel from her pits she made her appearance. There was loud cheering and applause. She looked just like in her blog. I'm not sure what I expected her to look like. I don't usually gush over celebrities but I was pretty darn excited to meet her. She doesn't sing on the radio, she isn't on the front of any of my magazines, and she isn't a movie star, she is a regular person just like me who has a real family and enjoys cooking and photography. Ree decided to share her life and cooking with the world and that makes her cool in my book.


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